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Looking For a Quote on your Product?
Guardian has developed this quotation guide to help you through the process.
By providing quality, detailed, accurate and sufficient information you can ensure timely responses, precise quotations and high quality products.

  1. Bill of Materials (BOM) which includes the following:

      Customer’s Part Number
      Manufacturer’s Part Number
      Component Value
      Reference Designators
      Description of the Part (Thru-Hole or SMT)
      Package type with pin count
      Quantity per board
      Identify any component that will not be placed
      Identify any components that are not included in the kit

  2. Panelized Gerber Files

  3. Gerber files provide a visual picture of the PCB and allow us to determine component layout and pin count accuracy. When Gerber files are not available, a picture or "sample" board should be provided.
  4. Board layout (top and bottom)

  5. How many PCBs per panel

  6. Quantity of production run

  7. Sample of bare board

  8. Sample of populated board if available

  9. Will you be supplying the stencil?

  10. Would you like the completed product de-paneled?

  11. Consigned kit or turnkey project?

  12. When you are supplying parts have you confirmed material compatibility with the process?
  13. Conformal coat?

  14. Any special instructions required for your product including but not limited to potting, silicon, parts required to be lifted off the board, torque specifications on fasteners, etc.

  15. Tested?

  16. Do you require assistance in obtaining regulatory certifications?

  17. Do you require assembly documentation and/or fabrication drawings?

  18. Shipping requirements.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality available, on time deliveries and a cost within your budget parameters. This will enable you to offer your customers product that meets and exceeds the high standards demanded by companies today.

Choosing the right partner is a critical decision. You can be assured, as all of our customers are, that trusting your outsourcing and manufacturing to Guardian is the right decision. We view our customers as our partners and have built our organization on repeat business.

Should you require any additional information on quoting, about Guardian and our abilities, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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