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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. When was Guardian Manufacturing Solutions Founded?

  2. Where is GMS located?

  3. Number of Employees?

  4. Overall Capacity?

  5. GMS Customers?

  6. Why would companies outsource to GMS?

  7. What is Guardian Telecom Inc.?

  8. Is Guardian Telecom given preferential treatment?

  9. What Services does GMS offer?

  10. What does Quality Service mean?

  11. What is LEAN Manufacturing?

  12. Do I need to go Lead Free? (What are the implications of lead free?

  13. Do I need to provide my own parts?

  14. What do I need to do to get accurate quotes and get ready for production?

  15. Can I provide feedback?

If you cannot find the answer to a question you have, need clarification or further assistance please contact an account manager, send your inquiry to info@guardiantelecom.com or use the web contact form.


1 - When was Guardian Manufacturing Solutions Founded?

Building on the strength of OEM capabilities and a successful track record providing electronics manufacturing to a number of major, international companies, GMS was created in the 2002 as a wholly owned division of Guardian Telecom Inc. to enhance customer focus.

2 - Where is Guardian Manufacturing Solutions located?

Guardian Manufacturing Solutions is located in modern facilities in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We are ideally situated near the Calgary International Airport and major shipping distribution providers. more info

3 - Number of Employees?

Guardian has a team of over 200 dedicated and involved personnel from technicians, engineers, sales, specialists and management. As our sales have grown so has our workforce to better position the company in serving our clients.

4 - Overall Capacity?

Recognizing the need to serve our customers better, Guardian’s new 2044 m² (22,000 sq. ft.) facility has over 1115 m² (12,000 sq. ft.) of manufacturing space with room to grow. Our production floor is designed to optimize efficiency and reduce board handling by implementing true continuous flow lines resulting in higher, more consistent output and quality.

5 - GMS Customers?

GMS has an extensive and diverse customer base across a broad spectrum of products, applications and end markets. Customers serve a wide variety of markets including oil & gas, wireless communications, medical, agricultural, GPS navigational, entertainment, geophysical, consumer, and the list continues to grow.

6 - Why would companies outsource to GMS?

Lower investment in capital and operating costs
Access to more manufacturing tools and equipment
Provides improved quality and reliability
Access to trained staff
Allows them to focus on core competencies
Allows them to react quickly to environmental changes

7 - What is Guardian Telecom Inc.?

Guardian Telecom Inc. is a fully integrated OEM and Contract manufacturer. The OEM division manufactures and distributes world class Industrial Telephone Equipment. Because of our own experience in design, manufacturing and marketing since 1986, we understand the importance in building your electronics products with results that you can be proud of.

8 - Is Guardian Telecom given preferential treatment?

Guardian Telecom Inc. is treated the same as all of our other clients. In fact every customer, regardless of size, receives the same high level of quality, focus and level of service. At this time Guardian Telecom Inc. makes up less then 10% of our total volume.

9 - What Services does GMS offer?

GMS has extensive capabilities and can provide services during all stages of the product cycle.

Design Services

GMS has the proven ability to provide a variety of product development and design support services from new product development, qualification testing and regulatory submissions.

Manufacturing Services

   Board level to complete system integration

      Rapid development of prototypes for quick transition to production
      Simplify outsourcing with one trusted partner for high quality based
      Mixed technologies and multi-level assembly
      Through-hole population, surface mount & back plane assembly
      Fine pitch, leadless chip carrier, BGA and micro-BGA placement
      JIT, Kanban or demand-pull inventory
      Module build, box build and chassis assembly
      Complete system integration
      Cabling, harnessing and power supplies
      Printed circuit board & final configuration testing

10 - What does Quality Service mean?

Guardian believes that “Quality Service” is the ability to provide value that exceeds our clients' expectations. We keep you in the loop with timely responses to all of your questions throughout the manufacturing process, from quotation to delivery of your product.
It also means that we implement, adhere and surpass quality programs and practices.

Quality Policy

GMS has a policy of continuously improving manufacturing processes to meet or exceed customer requirements. Continuous improvement programs, Investment in training, employee empowerment and new automated equipment have improved our capability to provide a more accurate and cost effective solution to all our builds. Not only is the Quality Policy embraced by everyone at Guardian, it is also embraced by all of our vendors and suppliers. The results are passed on to you in the form of higher quality and on time deliveries.

11 - What is LEAN Manufacturing?

Quality, speed, and low cost are factors that are tightly linked and together provide for world class performance. To help achieve them Guardian has implemented a customer focused LEAN manufacturing program.
We aim at rapid responses, faster process times, zero defects, on time deliveries, higher quality and lower costs. Our teams care about following their work to a successful outcome.

12 - Do I need to go Lead Free? (What are the implications of lead free?

ROHS, the European Directive for Restriction on the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment bans the use of lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, poly-brominated biphenyls (PBBs) and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs). The compliance date in Europe was July 2006. Other countries and individual states have introduced similar bills, widespread adoption in future is anticipated. While there are a number of ROHS product exceptions that can be applied, full compliance must be achieved by the 2010 end date.

13 - Do I need to provide my own parts?

Customers can supply their own parts as kits or have GMS supply the parts. In fact, purchasing your own parts can be very time consuming in both sourcing your components and finding the best price. By providing us with the manufacturing part numbers, we can utilize our buying power and vender support to provide that service for you. This turn key service can also be extended with your final product. We will "KanBan" your finished product so you don't have to stock what you don't need today.

14 - What do I need to do to get accurate quotes and get ready for production?

By providing quality, detailed, accurate and sufficient information you can assure accurate quotations and timely responses.

Guardian had developed a quotation guide to help you through the process.

15 - Can I provide feedback?

One of the keys to a successful organization is listening to its clients. We encourage customers to provide constructive feedback at any time. Your input on business functions ranging from manufacturing quality, communications, engineering support and shipping will provide invaluable insight from a customer’s perspective. It can help us deliver high quality, lower cost products to our customers.

Feel free to contact an Account Manager directly or use the online contact form on this web site. 

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