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What does it take to work at Guardian?

Team members hail from all over the globe and are a diverse lot. We come in all different shapes, sizes, shades, eye color and while we speak many languages, at the core we all share the same vision and burning desire to succeed.
We want to provide superior quality, be proud of our work and proud of ourselves.

We have an eye for detail, are dexterous and efficient with sound communication and personal relationship skills.

We are honest, self-critical, hardworking, open and respectful of our team members. We are willing to step forward and take on the big challenges to successful completion.

At Guardian we know the value of being flexible, continuous learning, accountability, embracing change and being proactive, seeking ways to improve before we are forced to.

We become working partners with our clients and respect the confidentiality of customer communications and information.

We understand that they are relying heavily on us to deliver superior workmanship, exceptional products and be on schedule. Their success is our success.

Our theme is PRIDE People Really Involved in Developing Excellence.

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